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The Nazi Gospels (Documentary Film)

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The Nazi Gospels
This special examines the roots of Nazi ideology, and how the Third Reich used twisted versions of history and religion to bolster its power and help drive Germany towards war and genocide. The Nazi belief in the Aryan Master Race characterized World War II as a war between the Aryan Germans and the "lesser races"-- the Russian Slavs and especially the Jews--a belief which reached its most terrible consequence in the Holocaust. 

 The Nazi Gospels
 Production: History Channel
 Duration: 01:27:44 min
 Language: English

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9 Μαρτίου 2015 - 8:43 π.μ.

I had this on yesterday, and if the rest of this is as questionable as the segment on the 1936 Berlin Olympics I would take it with a grain of salt, to say the least. The narrator said that Hitler was disappointed by the results of the Berlin Olympics, but on the contrary he was absolutely delighted. The German team won those games by a huge margin, but that crap about Jesse Owens "destroying Hitler's myth of Aryan supremacy" is just that, but it has been repeated for so long that it in itself has become "gospel." Whoever wrote this either didn't do his research, or he is just plain lying--

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