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What If Cannabis Cured Cancer | Documentary Film

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What If Cannabis Cured Cancer
Could the chemicals found in marijuana prevent and even heal several deadly cancers? Discover the truth about this ancient medicine as world-renowned scientists in the field of cannabinoid research illustrate their truly mind-blowing discoveries. "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer" explains how we are all born with a form of marijuana already in our bodies, and when pot is consumed, the "endocannabinoids" inside us, along with any cannabinoids we ingest, fit together like a key in a lock. Thereby promoting the death of cancer cells without harming the body's healthy cells. A powerful and eye-opening film about the future of cannabis, and perhaps even the future of medicine. Narrated by Emmy-winning actor Peter Coyote.

 What If Cannabis Cured Cancer
 Production: Len Richmind
 Duration: 49:00 min
 Language: English

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13 Ιουνίου 2015 - 5:30 π.μ.

Medical cannabis nonetheless, is commonly regarded as beneficial. Sadly, only 6% of the studies have been considering medicinal properties of marijuana.

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