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Life BBC
Life is an ambitious, exhilarating and beautifully illustrated study of animal behaviour, exploring the key groups of animals that inhabit this planet and their survival strategies. From cold-blooded reptilian killers to the armoured invadors of the insect world, the long-distance migratory birds to predatory mammals and the sociable and intelligent primates, Life reveals animal behaviour as never been seen before. By focusing on intimate details of life, the book draws us into a fascinating primal story. Starting with the challenges of childhood, we see how polar bears court, how baby penguins learn and how elephants look after each other in adulthood. How huge populations co-exist in a coral reef, weevils use their bodies as a toolbox and perhaps most familiar to us, the parental, nuturing instincts of the orangutangs.

 Life BBC
 Production: BBC, Discovery, Open University
 Duration: 58:00 min (each episode)
 Subtitles: Greek Built
 Language: English

Episode 1: Challenges of Life

Episode 2: Reptiles and Amphibians

Episode 3: Mammals

Episode 4: Fish

Episode 5: Birds

Episode 6: Insects

Episode 7: Hunters and Hunted

Episode 8: Creatures of the Deep 

Episode 9: Plants 

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