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The Da Vinci files : the darkest side of the brightest man

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The Da Vinci files : the darkest side of the brightest man
The film tells the story of themes that could offend some viewers' sensitivity contingent. In the film, there is some modification of some of the facts of history. Those findings, which are here presented may be controversial, although the basis of the picture is authentic information.The extraordinary man, a dreamer, an artist and inventor, the invention is substantially outpaced not only time but also in some respects, even ours. The genius of this man is defined in a variety of areas of life.He simultaneously served as a philosopher, and architect and engineer, studying at the time, all known and available science. Of course, the secret side of his life caused many sincere interest. Dark Side of the obscure to this day discoveries of intriguing mysteries and puzzles, entirely penetrating the livelihoods of Leonardo da Vinci.      

 The Da Vinci files : the darkest side of the brightest man
 Production: Marcello Ostres
 Duration: 50:00 min (each episode)
 Subtitles: Greek Built
 Language: English

Episode 1 & 2:  the mysteries of the Last Supper.&  Leonardo and the perfect proportion

Episode 3 & 4: Sacrilege : the sign of John. Profanity : the secrets of the Mona Lisa

Episode 5 & 6: Leonardo and the sacred Shroud of Turin. & Leonardo and the Priory of Sion.

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