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Valley Of The Wolves | Documentary Film

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Valley Of The Wolves
Imagine a place that holds everything you've ever wanted. High slopes and good timber for cover and den sites. Water. Your very own herds to hunt and all the wide open space you need for the chase. But others of your kind also want this place. They will challenge you for it. How far will you go to defend it? In the northeast corner of Yellowstone, the wolves of the Druid Peak Pack have long held sway, but their power is waning. The old leaders of the clan cannot stand against the challenge of the invading Slough Creek Pack. But the conquering wolves will find this no safe haven. Here, they will meet a strange and terrible fate while the Druids, though in exile, will rebuild their clan and gather the strength to return. In this beautiful but dangerous place, there is bounty and cruelty, loyalty and banishment, triumph and death. This is the story of the battle for the perfect valley and the high price wolves will pay for paradise.

 Valley Of The Wolves
 Production: National Geographic 
 Duration: 46:55 min
 Language: English

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