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The World at War: The Ultimate Restored Edition | Full HD Online

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The Ultimate Restored Edition | Full HD Online
The World at War
is the definitive version of one of the greatest documentary series ever made for the Second World War. Each frame has been painstakingly restored and the audio enhanced and upgraded so that this is the best this award-winning series has ever looked and sounded. Now on Blu-ray this is the ultimate way to watch this classic series. Narrated by Laurence Olivier and first broadcast in 1973 when memories of the Second World War were still clear in people's minds and the war's veterans numerous, over 26 episodes this unique series assembled these recollections, together with archive footage, to create one of the most powerful and successful historical documentaries ever seen. The voices of those that fought, worked or watched during the war gave each episode a vivid sense of what it was like to be there and was the hallmark of the series.

 The World at War
 Production: Thames Television
 Duration: 54:00 min (each episode)
 Language: English

Episode 1: A New Germany (1933–1939)

Episode 2: Distant War (September 1939–May 1940)

Episode 3: France Falls (May–June 1940)

Episode 4: Alone: The Battle of Britain (May 1940–May 1941)

Episode 5: Barbarossa (June–December 1941)

Episode 6 : Banzai: Japan Strikes (1931–1942)

Episode 7: On our Way: America Enters the War (1939–1942)

Episode 8: Desert: The War in North Africa (1940–1943)

Episode 9: Stalingrad (June 1942–February 1943)

Episode 10: Wolfpack: U-Boats in the North Atlantic (1939–1943)

Episode 11: Red Star: The Soviet Union (1941–1943)

Episode 12: Whirlwind: Bombing Germany (September 1939–April 1944)

Episode 13: Tough Old Gut: Italy (1942–1943)

Episode 14: It's a lovely day tomorrow: Burma (1942–1943)

Episode 15: Home Fires: Britain (1940–1944)

Episode 16: Inside the Reich: Germany (1940–1944)

Episode 17: Morning: Normandy Invasion (June–August 1944)

Episode 18: Occupation: Holland (1940–1944)

Episode 19: Pincers (August 1944–March 1945)

Episode 20: Genocide (1941–1945)

Episode 21: Nemesis (February–May 1945)

Episode 22: Japan (1941–1945)

Episode 23: Pacific - The Island to Island War (February 1942–July 1945)

Episode 24: The Atomic Bomb (February–September 1945)

Episode 25: Reckoning (April 1945)

 Episode 26: "Remember" 

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