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Dawkins: Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life | Watch Online Documentary series

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Dawkins Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life Watch free Online BBC documentary series
Dawkins: Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life
is a three-part documentary presented by Richard Dawkins which explores what reason and science might offer in major events of human lives. He argues that ideas about the soul and the afterlife, of sin and God's purpose have shaped human thinking for thousands of years. He believes science can provide answers to some of these old questions we used to entrust to religion. This thought-provoking series is not about whether God exists or not. It explores more challenging questions such as "what happens as we move on and leave religion behind?", "what will guide and inspire us in a world free of all Gods?", "how can an atheist find a meaning in life?", "how can we face death without the comfort after life?" and "how we should think about right and wrong?"

 Dawkins: Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life
 Production: Channel 4
 Duration: 47:00 min (each episode)
 Subtitles: Greek
 Language: English

Episode 1: Sin

Episode 2: Life After Death

Episode 3: The Meaning of Life

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