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Barbarians Rising | HD Documentary Series

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Barbarians Rising | Watch online Documentary Series
Barbarians Rising 
This docu-drama focuses on legendary warriors as they’re engaged in one of mankind’s most timeless struggles – the fight for freedom.
Barbarians Rising is not a story about the glory of Rome, it’s the story of the millions who rise and fight for freedom in the shadow of absolute power and the few who led the charge.  The empire calls them “barbarians”: tribes beyond the fringe of civilization that live a primitive, brutish and violent existence.  These peoples are also some of the fiercest warriors in history – men and women who refuse to bow to ruthless oppression, launching an epic saga of resistance that ushers in the fall of Rome and shapes the world to come.

 Barbarians Rising
 Production: History Channel
 Duration: 01:20:00 min (each episode)
 Language: English

Episode 1:  Resistance (part 1)

Episode 1:  Resistance (part 2)

Episode 2:  Rebellion (part 1)

Episode 2:  Rebellion (part 2)

Episode 3:  Revenge (part 1)

Episode 3:  Revenge (part 2)

Episode 4:  Ruin (part 1)

Episode 4:  Ruin (part 2)

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24 Ιουνίου 2016 - 2:53 μ.μ.

I encountered one problem with what was presented in the most recent episode I watched this past week. The story of Boudica's rise to power in what is now Great Britain left me scratching my head. When she and her hordes attacked and sacked one of the town's that the Romans were based in (the Romans were away slaughtering the Druids at that time), the commentary said that "Rome was informed within hours of the attack." Now, how was that possible? HOURS? I can understand that if they had radios or telegraphs, but even in the best of conditions, 'runners' would have to cross the English Channel and then even an elaborate system of signal fires and whatnot would still ensure that the time required would be in WEEKS, if not longer! Someone needs to be smarter there. It makes you wonder what else do they have WRONG about that time and the peoples involved?

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