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The Human Body Pushing The Limits (Complete Series)

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The Human Body Pushing The Limits
Four episodes of the groundbreaking medical and science series that astounded millions. Utilizing the most up-to-the-minute information and cutting-edge CGI special effects, the show takes us inside our own bodies to explore a different system and in the set here, researchers examine Sight, Strength, Sensation, and Brain Power. The Human Body Pushing The Limits, teaches by showing, not just telling, how things work, in fascinating and vividly illustrated detail.
Explore the human body like you never have before in this groundbreaking series

 The Human Body Pushing The Limits
 Production: Discovery Channel
 Duration: 43:31 min (each episode)
 Subtitles: Greek Built
 Language: English

Episode 1: Strength
The human body is engineered for strength, power and endurance. Learn how bone is as sturdy as concrete but flexible enough to resist breaking.

Episode 2: Sight

Sight is the king of the senses. More than 80% of what we know of the world comes through our eyes – without it we're lost. See our vision system, in living color, from the inside out.

Episode 3: Sensation
Below the skin's surface are the antennae that allow us to sense the world around us. Learn how this vital layer is the gateway to the original information superhighway – the nervous system.

Episode 4:Brain Power
Uncover the most powerful organ in the natural world – the human brain. Learn how this central processing unit generates as many electrical impulses in a single day as all the telephones in the world put together. 

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