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The Power Of Art | BBC documentary series

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The Power Of Art
This is not a series about things that hang on walls, it is not about decor or prettiness. It is a series about the force, the need, the passion of art. Eight figures from the world of art present a selection of artworks inspired by the artists in the documentary series
Focusing on eight iconic works of art such as Caravaggio’s David and Goliath, David’s Death of Marat and Picasso’s Guernica, this series reveals the history of visual imagination through the ages. A combination of dramatic reconstruction, spectacular photography and Simon Schama’s unique and personal style transport the viewer back to the intense moments the great works were conceived and born; from the murderous world of baroque Rome; paranoid, revolutionary Paris and the carnage of civil war Spain to the paradox of 1950s New York, caught between Cold War jitters and Manhattan glitter. Simon Schama’s Power of Art is the epic story of an unfolding force, a chance to witness the power of the individuals who changed the way we view the world. 

 The Power Of Art
 Production: BBC
 (The Series consists of 8 episodes) 
 Duration: 43:31 min
 Language: English

Episode 1: Caravaggio

Episode 2: Bernini

Episode 3: Rembrandt

Episode 4: David

Episode 5: Turner

Episode 6: Van Gogh

Episode 7: Picasso

Episode 8: Rothko

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