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The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler | Documentary Film

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The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler
Changing the world through war and suffering, how did a man such as Hitler dominate a nation of people? Award-winning historian Laurence Rees reveals the reasons behind Hitler’s unlikely appeal. Adolf Hitler was, arguably, the most extraordinary leader who has ever lived. No one else so changed the state of the world and left behind such a wake of ruins as he did. Yet crucially, there has been no proper attempt to examine how and why so many people followed Hitler – ultimately to the destruction of their own country. These three films examine the key decisions Hitler took during the Second World War, to find out why others decided to push forward and achieve his goals, how Hitler manipulated existing beliefs in Germany, and why his leadership was so compelling.

The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler
 (The documentary contains 3 episodes)
 Production: BBC
 Duration: 58:00 min
 Language: English

Episode 1:

Episode 2: 

Episode 3:

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